How is the weather?

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The calendar of the average temperature by month of Marmaris and the surrounding area

Months Day Night Sea Water Sun Light
(˚C) (˚C) (˚C) (˚C)
January 17,2˚C


15,7˚C 6
February 18,4˚C 01,4˚C 15,4˚C 7
March 21,2˚C 04,0˚C 16,7˚C 8
April 25,8˚C 08,6˚C 18,6˚C 9
May 31,1˚C 13,2˚C 20,0˚C 10


19,0˚C 21,8˚C 12
July 41,3˚C 20,0˚C 23,7˚C 13
August 37,4˚C 21,3˚C 26,3˚C 12
September 37,8˚C 15,4˚C 25,9˚C 11
October 31,6˚C 11,5˚C 24,1˚C 8
November 29,4˚C 09,7˚C 21,3˚C 7
December 22,2˚C 03,5˚C 19,2˚C 6